Event Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you’ll find many of the questions we typically get from people planning events.

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Guests often bring their own flowers and photos. We even had a guest bring their own trellis for wedding photos. We do not allow balloons*, glitter or any decor that is attached to the building (inside or out).

*Balloons are prohibited in Provincetown.

If you’d like to create a playlist on Spotify and share it with us, we’d be happy to play it through our own sound system. We do not allow people to bring their own speakers and we are not able to have live music of any kind.

Our guest limits for each event type are designed to ensure you can hold your event even if it rains. If it does rain, your guest will loose access to the front patio and kitchen garden areas. Because we typically have strong wind with rain here in Provincetown, tents are not an option.

Each event type has an associated minimum spend. If your food and drink charges meet your minimum spend, an event fee will be charged to make the minimum. If you go over your minimum spend, no event fee will be charged.

Tax (7.0%) and gratuity (20%) do not count toward your minimum spend.

Yes, we typically move the tables and chairs around to create a flow for your guests and to create the feel you are looking for.

Some things we typically do:

  1. Remove the stools from the bar so guest can walk up and get a drink.
  2. Move chairs from the center of the room to create more standing space.
  3. Push tables together to create larger serving spaces.

However, a few things are not possible:

  1. Furniture cannot be removed from its section. For example, the table in our dining room can be relocated within the dining room, but cannot be removed from the dining room.
  2. You cannot bring your owner furniture or rent additional furniture.

Here is a typical flow for a Dinner Party:

5:00pm – Arrival and first cocktail

5:15pm – Food begins to arrive at the table and is paced over the next 90 minutes

7:00pm – Dessert 

7:15pm – Last Call

7:45pm to 8:00pm – Guests depart

Here is a typical flow for a Tavern Takeover:

5:00pm – 6:00pm – Arrival cocktails and cold station

6:15pm – 7:15pm – Passed food items

7:30pm – Remaining food stations

8:30pm – Other (speeches, presentations, etc)

9:00pm – Dessert/cake presentation

10:30pm – Last call

11:00pm – Guests depart