Item Icon: Can be GF

Crispy Hake Locally Sourced

Crispy Hake Locally Sourced $32 Blistered Tomatoes, Roasted Sunchokes, Fennel and Garden Herbs; Celeriac Puree and Fresh Chimichurri $32 Can be GF Dairy

Olive Oil Poached Shrimp

Olive Oil Poached Shrimp $17 Garlic, Castelvetrano Olives, Chili, Baguette $17 Can be GF Crustacean

Mezze Plate

Mezze Plate $17 Hummus, Roasted Red Peppers, Eggplant Caponata, Olives, Blistered Tomatoes, Crostini $17 Can be GF Sesame