Menu Section: Tequila and Agave

Abstract Agaves

Abstract Agaves $28 Santo Cuviso Bacanora, Alipus San Luis del Rio Mezcal, Nuestra Soledad Mezcal, Estancia Raicilla.

Make Your Own

Make Your Own $mp Select any 2, 3 or 4 tequilas and build your own flight

Amazing Sipping Tequilas

Amazing Sipping Tequilas $33 El Tesoro de Don Felipe, Paradiso Añejo Tequila; Siete Leguas Añejo; Tears of Llorona, Extra Añejo; Casa Dragones, Joven

Taste Across Categories

Taste Across Categories $24 Casa Dragones Blanco; Ocho Single Estate Plata; Clase Azul Reposado; Rey Sol Añejo

Exploration of Blanco

Exploration of Blanco $16 Casa Dragones Blanco; Don Julio Blanco; Siete Leguas Blanco; Ocho, Single Estate Plata, Blanco


AGAVE COCKTAILS ————————————————


SIPPING TEQUILA ———————————————— 1.5 ounces served in a special sipping glass